Hello, I’m Kim Jin-Oh, the director of NHI(New Hair Institute)
How long does it take to recover after getting the hair transplant?
I’ll explain to you about this.

Many patients ask how long it takes to recover because they don’t want to look obvious or because they need to get back to work after getting the hair transplant. It’s hard to say exactly how long it will take to recover. Because it depends on the hair condition of the patient or the type of surgery.

In general an average wound, I’ll say, would take about a week or two to heal. As of fact, people may not notice that you had a hair transplant the day before. If you think about it, if the transplanted area and the extracted area are covered with (one’s own) hairs, no one will notice this. However, if these areas are not covered, other people might find out that you had a hair transplant.

In case of the FUSS(incision-method), it does not require a haircut, the doner area will be hard to tell, but in the case of the FUE(non-incision-method), shaving is partly necessary. So if the shaved area is not covered enough with hairs, this part will be shown. This is why it may take longer for your hair to grow if you had gotten a two-block haircut.

It usually takes about a month for our hair to grow about a centimeter.
For the first one centimeter of hair growth right after surgery, it may take less than a month. In this way, with the FUE in only about 2-3 weeks you won’t be able to tell that you got a hair transplant. And if the area is covered by hair it won’t show even the day after. Same goes for the transplanted area. (If the area is covered by hair it won’t show even the day after.)

However,(On the side note,) the transplanted will look red. For the redness to recover/go, it varies on person to person depending on their recovery speed. Similarly, even if you got a bruise from getting hit one may take longer for it to heal than another. Recovery rates vary slightly by body type. Usually, a week after surgery, the redness of the skin seems to disappear a lot. In about two weeks after the surgery, if you don’t look closely, the redness will disappear to the point where you won’t even notice.

In terms of swelling, the 4-5th day may be the worst.
Because, for the swelling to reach the eye area after the surgery usually takes about 4-5 days. But since these days medicines are well developed and we give precautions of how to prevent swelling, swelling issues have become better. Therefore, if you do get swelling, it will usually be on the 4-5th day, but not enough to worry.

In addition, your body will be tired after you have a hair transplant. If you have time to spare, I’ll tell you that it’s good to take a rest for about three days, including the day of surgery, but if you’re busy, you can go to work from the next day after the surgery if the operated area is covered up.

Up till now, I’ve explained why you can work from the day after surgery, although it varies from case to case, and how you should still be careful for about two weeks after the surgery. I’m sorry I might have been a little vague with my explanation, but it actually varies slightly from patient to patient. Please understand.