I’ve been taking propecia for years but it doesn’t seem to work for me. So I’m considering to get a hair transplant.

So I was thinking, who normally gets hair transplant surgery?

People who don’t see medicinal effects from propecia?
People who have seen the effect of propecia but want to look better? People who saw temporary effects of propecia but sooner or later continued to experience hair loss due to the strength of their genes?

Who normally gets a hair transplant?

All of the cases you have mentioned above are suitable for hair transplant. People who get hair transplant are mostly those who can’t expect much effects from medicines since their hair loss is situated at the front part of their head. There are also many people who get hair transplant for cosmetic purposes even without hair loss. This is to reduce the area of the forehead.

For example, hairline correction surgery for female patients are representative cases. As there are so many different kinds of people, it is hard to wholly summarize. However, if you visit my blog or our clinic’s website and look through some of our before and after pictures, you would be able to get a better glimpse.

I'll link you to some of the images on the blog.