Hello, I’m Kim Jin-Oh, the director of NHI(New Hair Institute)
Today, I have prepared an answer to one of the questions many patients ask me. I’ll tell you how long it takes for you to get your results after a hair transplant.

Hair transplant surgery takes longer to get results than other plastic surgeries. Because of this, patients with hair transplant often contact me because they get anxious. Not only the patients who had gotten hair transplant in our clinic, but also those who had surgeries in other clinics ask me a lot of these questions through my blog or e-mail.

It would be most preferable/best if our hairs grew back right after they are transplanted. Unfortunately, however, hairs experience stress during transplantation since they are to grow after they have been extracted once. In the hairs’ perspective, this is extreme stress.
Due to such stress, hairs go into a process called the telogen phase.
Think of it as hibernation.

There is a cycle to hair growth.
I must have explained to you about this growth period as the hair growth cycle. If you look for other videos related to this, you’ll probably understand. The growth period of hair is very long. Usually, hair grows from 3 to 6 years.
Then, it goes into a telogen phase for about 3 months. A telogen phase is very common usually lasting from 3-6 months. It can also last up to a year. The transplanted hairs go into a telogen phase. Usually, 1-4 weeks after the hair transplant, the transplanted hairs begin to fall off as these go into the telogen phase.

When the transplanted hairs fall off, the patient starts to feel very anxious.
This is because they may have not been informed about this or even if they have been they are still unsure whether or not their hairs will actually grow back making them very worried. The telogen phase after a hair transplant usually lasts for 2 to 3 months and up to 6 to 12 months. You may get faster results if you have many hairs with short telogen phases since the sleep period will be short. However, for those who experience longer sleep periods, usually for more than 6 months, it may take longer for them to see the results.

(before surgery / 4 months after surgery, 12 months after surgery)

If you look at the photos above,
If you look at the photo taken 4 months after the surgery, you won’t see much of a difference since the transplanted hairs have not grown much after their fall out.

If you look at the photo taken a year after the surgery, you will be able to see quite some changes as the hairs have now grown back.
For this specific patient, a lot of hairs have grown within the 8 months.

(About a month / 3 months / 8 months After Surgery)

The next few photos sent by my patient living in the U.S. via email shows his progress after he returned to the US.
The photo on the left is taken a month after the surgery when the transplanted hairs fell off.
The middle photo is taken 3 months after surgery and the photo on the right is taken 8 months after surgery.
If you look at the photos taken 3 months after surgery and those that were taken after 8 months, there’s difference.

To sum up, 70-80 percent of the transplanted hairs will fall out for about a month after the surgery. In addition, after 2-3 months more and more hairs will come out of their telogen phase and after 6 months about 70-80% of the hairs would have grown back. So, including the telogen phase, the transplanted hairs will almost fully grow back by 12th month after surgery.

Of course, the percentage I’ve mentioned are average statistics. It can vary from person to person. Sometimes hairs grow a lot in the early stages of the surgery and there are people who grow a lot in the later stages. Just like one of my patients who had just passed the 3-4 months mark, Many patients have expressed concern saying that they are nervous. So, I explained it again.