This is from a recent inquiry on our website.

“I have hair loss on the coners of my hair line. Recently, I decided to get a hair transplant surgery.
I checked out some clinics and found out that the costs vary greatly from clinic to clinic.
The difference between 3.5 million won and 5.5 million won is so huge that it made me less motivated to get the surgery."

Costs vary depending on the clinic and doctor.
In the case of surgeries covered by health insurance, the government sets the cost, but since hair transplant is a surgery that is not covered by insurance, each clinic has its own price.
Since it is not a manufactured product made of specific equipment or materials, there are many variables that may change the price of the surgery depending
on the characteristics of the clinic.
((Reference: Advanced system for the best result of hair transplant)

Each clinic has different euipments, personnel, materials, and surgical methods. Let me give you an example of a hair transplant, especially regarding the difference between our clinic and other clinics.

1. Equipment

Other department doctors joke about saying what kind of materials or tools are needed to get hair follicles from the back of the head if it is just
transplanting them into the front part. But the facilities and epuipments are different from clinic to clinic.
While there are clinics that treat hair follicles with the naked eye, if hair follicles are treated under a microscope throughout
the entire procedure, a high-density miicroscope and a magnifying glass are needed for each of the medical staff. There are also clinics that just keep hair follicles at room temperature, while other clinics make and use their own cold storage devices.

2. Personnel

There may also be differences in how many medical staffs are involved in the surgery. There's a fundamental cost difference between a clinic with one or two medical staffs and a clinic with over four or five staffs per surgery. And depending on whether the doctor is a plastic sergeon or a general surgeon or a specialist from another department, the cost also varies.

3. Materials

Moreover, the brands of slit knives, implanters and non-incision punchers, and the types of solution for hair follicle storage such as long-term storage solutions or regular saline solutions, also make a difference in costs. Also, whether there are devices used to monitor patients during surgeries, safety systems and post-surgery care are also important.

4. Method of surgery

The cost of the surgery also varies depending on whether it's an incision(fuss/strip method) or a non-incision(fue/fox) procedure, or whether an implanter or a slit is used. While non-incision procedures are more expensive than incision procedures as they take more time, using slits are slightly more expensive than using implanters as they require more technical skills and personnels. If researched, even the prices of manufatured products such as mobile phones, TVs, and PCs differ according to their brands, functions, size, etc. Just looking at TVs, products that are not Samsung or LG are much cheaper. I think you can understand in this context.