Since beginners who are just starting their hair transplant careers sometimes ask for advice, I wrote a few down.

Before taking on hair transplant surgery, beginners learn theories and grasp the concept of surgery by observing the surgery of skilled doctors. In this process, beginners may become over confident thinking that the surgery is not that difficult. In this case they may fall in the following vicisous cycle.

Hair transplantation doctor's education program.

1. Making excessive plans to collect too many hair follicles at a time.
2. Taking longer than expected.
3. Focusing only on shortening the operation hours.
4. Taking more time to collect the planned number of hair follicles due to the high rate of hair follicle injury.
5. Accumulating mental stress and worsening of concentration level as time goes by.
6. At the end of the operation, both the patient and the doctor are exhausted.

FUE hair transplantation education

To avoid this vicious cycle, I recommend that beginners set up the following guidelines below.

-Make realistic plans. It's better for beginners to start off with a small amount and not exceed over 400-500 hair follicles until they get used to it.
-Check the hair follicles collected during surgery to adjust the angle and depth of the punch.
-For delicate surgery, use an appropriate magnifying glass(Loupe).
-Understand that hair follicles are vulnerable to impact and treat them with care and delicacy.
-Patients who wish to have only a small amount of hair transplant with thick-straight hairs are recommended if possible.