Because hair transplant is a surgery that involves transplanting tissues, the skills of the medical team are very important. As an important step, a few factors to avoid reducing the survival rate of hair follicles, in other words, failing in hair transplant are listed below.

Front Photos: Before(Left)-Design(Center)-6 Months After Transplanting 3500 hairs.

1.Carefully treat the hair follicles when implanting into the scalp. The hair follicles should be kept moist. It has been reported that, if hair follicles are exposed to air without moisture for even 30 to 60 seconds, their survival rate decreases.

2.Especially during non-incision hair transplant surgery(FUE/FOX), hair follicles may be affected by the surrounding environment due to the lack of surrounding tissue. Thus delicate techniques when handling hair follicles and efforts to not let hair follicles dry are required. (Reference: Development of Forcepts for Slit Hair Transplant)

3.Minimize the amount of time taken to transplant after extracting hair follicles. If the follicles are stored in saline solution, the extracted hair follicles must be transplanted within 6 hours. If hair follicles are stored in long-term storage, medical staffs can be more flexible with time. (Reference: The Need for Long-Term Storage Solution During Hair Transplant Surgery)

4.The size of the pores made by do If a small hair follicle is inserted into a large pore, it will become loose, and if a large hair follicle is put into a small pore, it will be bent or damaged.ctors and the size of the hair follicles should match.

5. The depth of the pores made by the doctor is also important. If the depth of the pore is too shallow, the hair follicles will be broken, and if it is too deep, the hair follicles will sink.

6.High doses of antihemorrhagic (Epinephrine) can affect implantation as it makes the blood flow not smooth.

Aspect Photos: Before(Left)-Design(Center)-6 Months After Transplanting 3500 hairs.
Above Photos: Before(Left)-Design(Center)-6 Months After Transplanting 3500 hairs.